Clients hire me because they require a better understanding of how Amazon works and how it best fits into their business plans for growth.

To meet the unique needs of their business, my clients require something more than an off-the-shelf solution. 

Whatever your company’s business issues, they are important. 


Projects vary in scope, lasting 2 weeks to a year or more. Some focus on new business initiatives, others work to resolve current or long-standing issues. Whatever the need, I can help.


Amazon requires more of your team’s resources than planned or perhaps your Amazon team lead is absent for a while. I can step in to fill the void and ensure that business successfully carries on.


Amazon has dozens of “levers & buttons” and many more reports and templates.  I offer training specific to your company’s needs so it can get the nuggets of knowledge it needs to optimize productivity.

Please note it can take up to 48 hours to receive a response.