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Need Help on Amazon?

Regardless of the size of your business or product category, if one of these is your reason for being here, you’ve come to the right place.

Brand Building

You need guidance on the best way to launch your brand on Amazon and a critical path that gets you there successfully.

Business Optimization

Your business on Amazon is not meeting expectations. You need to understand why and get solutions that you (or your team) can work on right away.

Account Management

Your Amazon account lead is on maternity leave, sick leave, or sabbatical. You need someone to take the reins, hit the ground running and ensure that the transitions both on and off the account are seamless.

Vendor vs Seller Central

You’re thinking of switching Amazon platforms but are not sure if it’s feasible. You need a clear understanding of the benefits, costs, and potential pitfalls before making the leap.


To support your Amazon business, members of your sales, marketing, operations or finance team need training on Vendor or Seller Central.

Alternatives to Amazon

You have decided that Amazon is not a good fit and you want to know what other options better suit your company’s goals.


There’s a sea of promises to make you rich on Amazon or teach you how to do it. These are all focused on resellers. I am not.
My clients are manufacturers and brand owners who are in it for the long game and want sustainable, profitable growth.

Brand Building NOT Price Chasing

The reasons why doing business with Amazon is one of many right choices my clients make:

  • It’s the # 1 search engine for products.
  • The platform gets millions of visitors daily.

The traffic Amazon generates is like having a kiosk or store front in the middle of the busiest shopping center in the world. I know how to get customers to stop, look and buy on Amazon.

Online Merchandising

When it comes to online merchandising options, no other platform in the world offers as many online merchandising options to engage consumers as Amazon does.

  • There are 70+ “levers and buttons”.
  • Some are appropriate for your business; some are not.
  • The key to success on Amazon is determining which ones to use, when to use them, where to place them and how often to use them.

Clients hire me to guide them through the maze of merchandising options that are right for them so they can share their brand stories with the world.

Go-To-Market Strategies

When a Go-to-Market strategy is done right, Amazon is a precious jewel in your brand’s crown. It can work well within your retail landscape, not threaten it. 

  • Amazon’s consumer traffic expedites the growth of brand awareness unlike anything else in Marketing history.
  • The platform’s tools and templates allow you to tell your product and brand story in one of the best ways possible.
  • Using Amazon’s FBA program, reaching distant and remote areas becomes affordable.

 You can do all the above on Amazon using a model that is profitable and sustainable for years to come.

pernosa kai amazon retail strategies

Cost & Profit Projections

The cost of shipping products to your customers is less expensive using Amazon’s distribution network versus other options.  Agreed.

What about the TOTAL COST of doing business on Amazon?

Have you considered the Marketing, Operations, Finance and Administration costs associated with being on the platform?

Whether you’re on the Seller or Vendor Central platforms, I’ll provide you with a TOTAL COST breakdown and sales projection.

Data, Wisdom & Insights

Besides search words, there are other critical insights you need to succeed:

  • How does the quality of your digital assets stand up against your competition?
  • What drives your operational performance indices and how can your KPI’s be better?
  • Are your business targets meeting plan? If not, what’s the best way to fix the issue?  (Hint: Lowering your retail price is not the answer!)

Whatever the question, I use data and the benefit of my 25+ years of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) experience to share guidance and the knowledge you need.

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Cross Functionality

To win with Amazon or any national or global retailer, all business functions need to be engaged.  Pernosa KAI has the privilege of working with clients’ senior executives and their companies’:

  • Social media & marketing teams and agencies
  • Production & operation managers
  • Customer service teams
  • Finance managers & bookkeepers
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