Amazon Integration Specialist

Why the crown? Some clients have taken to calling me the Amazon Queen.  I stepped way out of my box and decided to have some fun with it during a recent photo shoot.

I was born and bred in Montreal and built my career in Toronto. Today, my family and I are fortunate to call the Greater Vancouver Area home. My creds come from 25+ years of working with Regional, National and Global retailers in the Consumer-Packaged Goods industry working with brands like Danone, Stoneyfield, Cuisinart, Conair, Champion, Coach, Isotoner, and Kodak. I’ve spent the last 6 years working with Amazon and other key retailers in the eCommerce space. Clients come in all sizes, from the US and Canada including Quebec, and from a variety of categories.  Amongst them: Apparel, Beauty, Food, Health & Wellness, Home, Kitchen and Pet.

The road to success has been anything but a straight line. Fortunately, thanks to my upbringing, I’ve got a lifetime supply of perseverance. Giving up is not an option. My motto:  Problem solving in progress.  Solution underway.

I’m a late bloomer. By traditional standards I married late, graduated from the University of Waterloo late and gave birth even later, at the age of 43.  In keeping with my track record, I plan to die really, really late.  

Off hours, you’ll find me hanging out with my son Zach and husband Peter, a.k.a. My Boys, here on the West Coast of Canada.

Expertise & Experience

  • Vendor & Seller Central Management
  • Yearly & Quarterly Business Plans
  • P&L  Account Statements
  • Forecasting & Inventory Management
  • SEO Optimization Strategies
  • Online Merchandising
  • Amazon Advertising
  • Promotional Planning
  • Analytical Reports
  • Social Media Strategy Plans

Other Life Joys

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